BOWLING – A folksy fun sport takes over the world of entertainment

In the United States of America bowling is already an integral part of leisure activites. About 70m Americans play bowling at least once or twice a year, almost 10m of those on a regular basis in bowling leagues that are active 35 weeks a year. In 90 countries worldwide there are over 100m bowlers. Thus, no other sport – besides football – exceeds bowling at popularity. As of now, the bowling mania is capturing all Europe: As a fun sport for the young and the young at heart, bowling consequently finds its way into Austria's shopping and entertainment centres (Millenium City, Cine Nova Wr. Neustadt, Auhof Center Wien and others)

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What is so special about bowling?

Bowling is a folksy team sport which doesn't require hard work-outs in fitness centres and provides fun and a good entertainment value. And to top all that, some centres even provide „disco bowling“: sweeping dance tunes, fluorescent bowling balls and cool drinks at the show bar let you forget that bowling can be a hard job: nothing else but the fun matters! For more information about bowling visit: