As soon as you follow the odour of an Espresso into an italian Caffé-Bar or one of the upcoming coffee shops, you'll notice that coffee doesn't equal caffé. With Segafredo, Illy and Caffé Pascucci the italien Caffé-culture catches on throughout Austria. While Segafredo and Illy rely on classics such as Espresso, Caffé Latte, Tramezzini and Dolci, Caffé Pascucci is focusing on the variety of Italien Caffé specialities.

Besides, international coffeeshop concepts such as the Austrian-based Schärf Coffeeshop-Company, Costa Coffee and McCafé increasingly establish themselves on the market as a charming, more sophisticated version of Starbucks.

The Caffé Pascucci awakens memories of holidays in Italy where you spend your time in a Caffé-Bar browsing through a newspaper while having an Espresso and Cantuccini, joking around in „Esperanto“ with the bar owner and watching what's going on at the Piazza – for short: a sensation of Dolce Vita in everyday life...

Acquire a taste for it in the Caffé Pascucci at Lugner City – more locations are scheduled!

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