MONGOLIAN BARBECUE: Be your own cook!

The enormous selection of raw ingredients at the buffet of Mongolian Barbecue requires the guests to be proactive: Because yourself decides what's going to be on your plate. Vegeterians, fish enthuasists, asiophiles – everyone is going to acquire a taste for it: Corn cobs, mushrooms, fish, octopus or prawns, beef or chicken – the variety is overwhelming. Your own creative selection can also be refined with various asia-ingredients.

But even with your self-selected mix of raw ingredients you’re still spoilt for choice: the next step is the choice whether to have your meal prepared on a lava stone grill or a Tepanyaki grill – and you haven’t even decided about the sauces… - when you finally enjoy your food, you’ll get a satisfying feeling of having contributed to your very own delicious meal!

Grill like Gengis Khan

In the times of Gengis Khan, in the middle of the Mongolian steppe, Khan’s hunting party gathered around the campfire for dinner. The shields were placed above the open fire with the curved side facing the sky. At the same time the meat of the hunted animals was prepared by cutting it into paper-thin slices with the sharp blades of the swords. As soon as the shield was heated sufficiently by the fire, the meat was grilled on top of it. With Mongolian Barbecue the ingredients are also cooked within minutes on hot metal plates respectively a lava stone grill or a Tepanyaki grill in order to preserve all the flavour.

Mongolian Barbecue in Austria:
- Salzburg Airport Center (Atrium West - Cooking Kahn)
- Plus City Linz Didi´s Mongolian BBQ