VIENNA - Skyline (Stadtbahnbögen): New landmark on old foundations (since 2008)

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The iconic gastronomical mall along the Stadtbahnbögen culminates in a 2.900m² “Skyline” patio at the junction of the University of Economics and numerous public means of transportation – sufficient parking lots guaranteed! Gastro Immobilien Börse provided for the successful mix of gastronomy with, among others, the Asian restaurant NEON and the pub Brandauers Bierlokal – and Gastro Immobilien Börse is also benefitting from this sensational location (employer: Porr Solutions)


The conception and communication of the 2.900m² garden-like patio and jewel of the “Skyline” by Gastro Immobilien Börse systematically continue the development of the Stadtbahnbögen-area the city of Vienna initiated in order to turn the red light scene into Vienna’s cult scene. The Viennese gastronomes that were convinced by Gastro Immobilien Börse to join the project provide a mix of culinary pleasures. The mixture of modern gastronomy and shops offers an enhancement to the existing, versatile opportunities of the area for both office tenants and residents.


Lifestyle of a new dimension

The revitalized Stadtbahnbögen received an architectonic accent with their overbuilding at Gürtel and the new building at Heiligenstädter Straße. The untrafficked branch of the former city railway on the arcs by Otto Wagner was overbuilt with a 180m-long bar and led down to street level at Heiligenstädter Straße after passing around the corner at the bridge pier in a continuous movement. The architectonic conception creates an exciting dialogue between history and future – old stock and new buildings. Due to its dynamic form of glass and aluminium and the harmonic transition to the red bricks of the Stadtbahnbögen, Skyline sets an example of urban construction. The Skyline is accessible on foot via the passage at Heiligenstädter Straße, another entrance to the patio is the flight of stairs coming down from the transition to the trafficked branch. The entrance to the underground garage is located on the inner Döblinger Gürtel.



At the junction of Vienna’s arteries – optimal connection to public transportation

Skyline is optimally connected to individual and public transport (underground: U4, U6; city train: S40; regional trains: R40, R42; trams and bus lines)

Total area: Ca. 5.700 m2

Rental area offices: Ca. 12.000 m2 / 7 floors

Rental area gastronomy: Ca. 720 m2

Rental area patio-gastronomy/events: Ca. 700 m2

- in total 11 arcs/in operation:

-> 1st arc: bakery

-> 2nd arc: cocktail bar/Das Lokal

-> 3rd u. 4th arc: Innovative Asian food-restaurant/NEON –

-> 5th, 6th, 7th u. 8th arc: Brandauer`s Bierhaus –

Concept and marketing of gastrnoomical properties: Gastro Immobilien Börse

Parking lots: 220